Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eco Perks?

Eco Perks is a membership scheme that allows you to get discounts on various goods by donating items for re-use or recycling at either Sydenham or Crofton Park Community Library.

What is Eco Communities and what is its role?

Eco Communities is a Lewisham-based social enterprise that has as one of its aims the reduction of waste going to landfill. It has started the Eco Perks scheme as a way of increasing the amount of re-use and recycling of items such as books, CDs, DVDs, small electrical equipment and ICT equipment, such as laptops, PCs, printers and scanners.

How can I join the Eco Perks scheme?

You can join the Eco Perks Scheme by registering as a user on the website here . You will then be issued with a user number and can start earning points.

How can I earn reward points?

You can earn points by donating items for re-use or recycling that you no longer need. For a full list of items that can be donated click here.

How many points can I earn for donating an item?

How many points you earn depends on what you donate and its condition. For example, you will earn more points for donating a laptop than a toaster and more for one that is in working order than for one that can only be recycled. The number of points that you can earn for a particular item is set out on the ‘Earn Points’ page here.

How long does it take to allocate points to me for any items I have donated?

You can donate an item at Eco Communities’ Re-Use Centres in Sydenham and Crofton Park. Address details of  these centres are here.

What happens when I donate an item for re-use or recycling?

Once you have donated an item you will be credited reward points on your account which can be redeemed as discounts on items previously donated which are for sale in the re-use centres.

What checks do Eco Communities carry out on the donated items?

Eco Communities checks all donated items, assesses their condition, and a varying number of awards points based on this. All small electrical items are giving a PAT test. PCs and laptops have their hard drive wiped of all data to MoD standards.

What can I spend my points on?

You can also use your points to obtain discounts when you buy items for re-use at Eco Communities’ Re-Use Centres or to pay for drinks bought from the cafés situated in community libraries that Eco Communities runs.

How do I spend my points?

In order to spend your points you need to print off a voucher which you can get from the Eco Perks website by clicking on the item you would like to  purchase and then taking it to the Re-use centre or Community Library café where it can be redeemed.

How many points will I have to spend to buy an item for sale at one of the re-use centres?

The number of points required to buy an item for sale is set out on the ‘Get Rewards’ page of the website here.